Irish Farmers Monthly features our 40th Anniversary

View page 23-33 Irish Farmers Monthly Feature on FRS 40th Anniversary

We are delighted to feature in the Irish Farmers Monthly marking our 40th Anniversary. Click and read through the feature which includes interviews with our CEO, Peter Byrne, Chairman, Francis Fitzgerald, Vice Chairman, Tim Maher and Health & Safety Manager, Jim Dockery. Find out how it all began , developed and diversified at FRS.

We are very proud of our heritage and progress over the last 40 years and would like to thank our operators, farmers, clients, customers, staff, board members, learners, collaborative partners and our local communities for helping FRS to mould into the robust, successful and diversified business it is today.

We started out as groups of farmers helping each other relief milking and cultivated that sense of community and c-operative ethos throughout the years into something that we can all be very proud of.

Thank you.

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