Where to turn when Accidents Strike on our Farms?


As we are all aware, farming is the most dangerous occupation in Ireland.  The Statistics alone speak for themselves, with 30 people having died in 2014 and 18 in 2015 with four of these being children.  The majority of the non-fatal farming accidents that happen on a daily basis go unaccounted for. Farmers themselves agree that this for them is a nightmare but the harsh reality is that every day they are at risk.  This brings about the question that constantly goes through every farmer’s head, ‘If I had an accident tomorrow who would look after the farm for me?’

FRS (Farm Relief Services) looked into this issue and decided that aid needed to be given to farmers.  FRS developed what is known as the Membership Benefit Scheme, a support scheme for farmers in the event of an accident or sickness that renders him or her unable to work on the farm.  The scheme is designed for farmers to have a fall back in place as an FRS operator will take over the work needed to be done while the farmer recovers.

Recently, FRS went out to chat to farmers who have had accidents and needed to claim under the membership along with the FRS workers who helped these farmers out during their absence.  The Irish TV crew behind the agricultural TV programme Grassroots, went along with FRS to broadcast these stories and to discuss the whole issue of farm accidents and the support on offer from the HSA and Embrace FARM.

The programme explores the areas of support available to farming families that have been affected by accidents and also focuses on the issue of support that farmers need to put in place in the event of an accident that may potentially stop them from working.

Watch the Grassroots ‘Special on Farm Safety’ programme Weds 24th Feb @ 9:30pm (switch over after RTE 9 0’Clock News) and Sunday 28th Feb @8pm on SKY Channel 191 or if you miss it visit www.frsfarmrelief.ie to find a link to the programme or www.irishtv.ie.

For more information on the FRS Membership Scheme and its supports visit www.frsfarmrelief.ie/membership or contact your local FRS office.